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From: The Desk Of Barbara Harrington,
International Skin Care Expert

Dear Information Thirsty Internet Friend –

What would your life be like without skin blemishes or those dreaded stretch marks? What would it be like to throw on your favorite swimsuit or wear that sexy tank top without feeling self-conscious? Don’t be alarmed, you’re one of nearly 200 million people just in the US and Canada alone that have these same thoughts.

I Can Show Anyone, Using Proven And Tested
Information, The Dirty Little Secrets To Finally
Removing Those Unpleasant Stretch Marks
PERMANANTELY - Once And For All!”

As we go through this journey and I show step-by-step exactly how to get rid of your stretch marks, you’ll discover countless secrets and closely guarded tricks as well as numerous treatments that not only have been scientifically proven to be terribly ineffective, but they can also run as much as $10,000.00! You don’t have to spend those types of dollars (or anything close) to accomplish your mission.

“Before I Show You How To Erase Your Stretch Marks And Repair
Your Skin Tissue, It’s Important To Know How The Skin Works And How That Dreaded Scarring Takes Place In The First Place…”

The last thing I want to do here is to turn this into a science lesson, but it’s paramount to understand the basics of stretch marks so we can best understand how to eliminate them.

Stretch marks are fine lines on the body that occur from tissue under your skin tearing from rapid growth or over-stretching. It is a common condition that does not cause any significant medical problems, but they are known to cause psychological issues and feelings of self-consciousness.

There are two basic varieties of stretch marks: white and red. Older, mature stretch marks are commonly white or silver-colored.

“Nearly 70% Of The Population Has Stretch Marks – And
Most People Don’t Know How To Get Rid Of Them!”

Stretch marks are a normal part of puberty for most girls and guys. When a person grows or gains weight really quickly (like during puberty), that person may get fine lines on the body called stretch marks. Stretch marks happen when the tissue under the skin is pulled by rapid growth or stretching. Although the skin is usually fairly elastic, when it's overstretched, the normal production of collagen (the major protein that makes up the connective tissue in your skin) is disrupted. As a result, scars called stretch marks may form.

Most products, lotions and treatments go after the Stratum – your first layer of skin. Stretch marks stem from the Dermis, a much deeper layer. This is the elastic section of your skin.

Stretch marks closely resemble scars. In fact, stretch marks are the most common types of skin lesions. About 90% of pregnant women get stretch marks. They also affect 70% of adolescent females and about 40% of young males.

In medical terminology, stretch marks are called striae. Scientists believe that shattering of collagen leads to dilation of small blood vessels (called capillaries) that results in red or purple-colored early stretch marks.

Whether you’ve obtained stretch marks through a pregnancy, rapid weight gain, weight lifting or any other way – I’m here with one intention. To show you exactly how to permanently have your stretch marks disappear. Once and for all. The key here is repairing the dermis layer of your skin.

Barbara, Who Are You – Why Should I Pay Attention To You?

That’s a good question. The last thing I want to do here is to boast or brag, but it’s paramount that you know you’re dealing with a leading expert who has a deep understanding of stretch marks and scar tissue.

I want you to feel fully comfortable and 100% confident that you’re working with a reputable person – one that you can trust with a topic this important. Your skin.

Here are just a few of my accomplishments so you know you’re dealing with a reputable person who knows every facet of the stretch mark industry:
For over 20 years I have helped others regain the quality, texture and elasticity of their skin – even when others told them ‘that can’t be done’.
For over 11 years I have worked DIRECTLY with the FDA, European Union Health Authorities and Switzerland health agencies.
I’ve assisted more than 40,000 others just like yourself improve the quality of their skin.
My pharmaceutical and chemistry background has given me a tremendous understanding of how the skin works, functions and repairs.
For my findings and life changing discoveries, I have received countless awards, plaques and recognition from some of the largest and most reputable organizations and companies in the skin care industry.

Look, I’m not trying to boast or be arrogant. This list could go on for days and days. That’s not my intention here. I only say these things for one purpose and one purpose only – so you know without doubt, you’re working with a reputable person who knows every aspect of skin care and skin restoration.

Over the years, I have discovered countless techniques and methods to practically erase stretch marks. No, I’m not talking about expensive surgeries, laser treatments or some hokey pokey theories that have no scientific basis. Pure and simple things that you can be doing today, right now, to make those stretch marks a thing of the past. A distant memory!

Now, don’t get me wrong, you could go out there and spend piles of cash ‘experimenting’ and undergo surgeries that can be extremely painful and require plenty of recovery time, but the kicker is…they can actually cause new scars!

So let me get this straight. Someone can go out there – go under the knife to possibly get rid of his or her stretch marks (notice the word ‘possibly’), spend thousands of dollars in the process and actually end up with brand new scars? Absolutely.

Look, I’m not out to bash science or the medical community. They truly make the world a better place. However, when it comes to definitive, long-term solutions to get rid of those dreaded stretch marks – your options are limited. VERY limited. And, they aren’t even guaranteed to produce positive results!

“Take A Peek At These Current Solutions That MAY
Reduce Or Eliminate Unsightly Stretch Marks That Can
Also Put You In The ‘Poor House’…

Poor House Option #1: Cosmetic Laser Treatment

Lasers are effective in removing, vaporizing, and breaking down tissues. They do not repair tissues. Stretch marks represent torn tissue. Hence, improvement should not be expected from laser treatment. Moreover, clinical studies have shown no improvement in stretch marks after laser treatment. Remember, the key here is to repair the torn tissue – laser treatments don’t make that happen. They primarily attack the upper layer of your skin.

Crazy Cost = $2,000.00-$4000.00 (depending on number of visits and treatments)

Poor House Option #2: Topical Creams And Ointments

Ah, one of my personal favorites. You’ve seen them all over the place (Revitol, Barmon, Body Shape, Stretta, StriVectin SD, TriLastin-SR, etc.). I’m sure you’ve tried at least one of these options. I typically call them ‘lotions and potions’.

Not to be pessimistic, but there is not one single study available that says anything about vitamin E, cocoa butter cream, Mederma or any other over the counter alleged “solutions”. The problem with these things is that they’re great for providing silky smooth and soft skin, however, they’re not designed to repair your skin or the elasticity.

Crazy Cost = $80.00-$500.00

Poor House Option #3: Surgery

Surgery, or cutting away stretch marks is a true way to remove stretch marks or scar tissue. Abdominal stretch marks occur primarily below the belly button. Because much of the skin below the belly button is removed during a Tummy Tuck, stretch marks in this area are also removed. If you have stretch marks below your belly button and are also interested in having a tummy tuck, then this operation will remove those stretch marks. There are 3 major problems here though:

1. They’re BIG Bucks.

2. Your recovery time is tremendous (not to mention the pain involved).

3. This creates more scarring!

Crazy Cost = $3,000.00-$10,000 (and upward)

Poor House Option #4: Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment

Basically micro crystals and chemical materials are "sprayed" on skin under pressure at a high speed with a vacuum device. Multiple sessions are required (at least 10-12 sessions over a period of 3-4 months). It is painful and brutal. Most say that skin appears bruised as if it's whipped or lashed even days after the session. During that 3-4 months, the areas treated can't be exposed to direct sun at all.

Crazy Cost = $200.00 per session for a grand total of $2,000.00-$2,400.00 (and upward)

These are just a few of the options available on the market.

Let’s look at the positives and negatives of these alternatives:

_____Positive Side
_Negative Side
Possible removal of stretch marks
Big bucks
No guarantee of results
May cause additional scaring
Lasting side effects/recovery time
Risk of safety and well-being
Success rates with those items are pretty dismal

Isn’t this list a bit one sided? With a list like that, who would be willing to accept that risk? You’re certainly risking a lot for the ‘possibility’ of what you’re paying for to work.

“The Trick Is In Treating The Dermis Layer Of The Skin. Gaining Back The Elasticity…Ultimately, That Is The
Source Of The Stretch Mark. Isn’t That What We
Should Be Attacking?”

Absolutely! It’s a well-known, documented scientific fact that the dermis layer is where the actual ‘stretching’ takes place. This is the elastic area of your skin. The stretch mark or ‘rip’ in the skin occurs here. This is what we must treat to have an effective, permanent solution.

There are a lot of things out on the market that claim to do ‘this’ or say that can do ‘that’. At the end of the day, these companies are GREAT marketers. I won’t refute that. They are fantastic at putting together a very appealing message for you and I (and countless millions of other people).

They have the marketing capital and resources to back them up. Fancy labeling, maybe an in-house scientist and more money than one can shake a stick at. Do their products work? Absolutely. They work fantastically well for; surface skin damage, dry and cracked skin. They don’t work to repair the skin tissue – they don’t work at the dermis layer of your skin.

I’m not badmouthing these companies. As a matter of fact, I have a tremendous amount of respect for them and their accomplishments. I’ve personally used countless products that exist and I’ve seen great results. Just not in the area of eliminating or even reducing stretch marks. They’re great for dry skin. You were looking to remove those stretch marks, right?

“After Years Of Research, Study And INTENSE Trial And Error, I’ve Finally Compiled All Of My Tricks, Techniques And Closely Guarded Secrets That Will Show You Step-By-Step How You Too Can Be Stretch Mark Free…And At Last, Skyrocket Your Confidence And
Blast Your Self Esteem Through The Roof!”

Finally, you’ll be able to walk with confidence, not feel embarrassed to be intimate with your partner, wear that sexy outfit and all the things you’ve been wanting to do, but you just felt too self conscious to make it happen. Today, I’m putting an end to those feelings. Going forward, you won’t have to worry about those stretch marks. Ever again. That’s my personal promise to you.

Think about it…just how would it affect your life if you never again had to shy away from wearing that beautiful skirt, maybe that revealing t-shirt or just being intimate with your spouse!

Today, I’m putting an end to that suffering. That turmoil that’s holding you back, bringing you down and dramatically reducing your self esteem. Say ‘Good bye’ once and for all to those ugly feelings. Within just days, you’ll be saying ‘Hello!’ to the NEW YOU.

Here’s what you won’t have to suffer through ever again:

1. Painful and costly surgeries

2. Someone’s opinion or theory

3. Countless lotions and potions that aren’t effective (save those for dry skin)

4. Recovery time from surgeries or procedures

5. Possible further scarring from those painful treatments or surgeries

6. Spending another dime of your hard earned money on something that may or may not do anything productive

“After Years 'In The Works’ I’m Proud To
Introduce, The No Nonsense, Jam Packed With
Information That Will Literally Destroy
Your Stretch Marks In Less Than 30 Days…

The Stretch Mark Eraser

Why did I name it “The Stretch Mark Eraser”? Good question. That’s exactly what the information you’re about to have immediate access does. It’s what works. I’ve compiled all of my wisdom as it relates to this topic and left no rock unturned. I’ve laid it all out on the table. For you. I held nothing back. And most importantly…this information that I’m about to share works lightning quick…

So, Barbara, Just What Exactly Are You Sharing,
What’s In “The Stretch Mark Eraser?”

Good question. The question could be, “What’s not in this jam packed guide?”. I’ve covered countless topics, tricks and closely guarded techniques that will literally erase your stretch marks in a jiffy. My sole purpose with this is rather simple – to help and assist you. I know exactly how it feels to have those dreaded stretch marks. I’m on your side and my only vested interest is in helping you.

Unbelievably easy to understand, full of
tidbits and details, WOW

"I can't believe for a few bucks and 35 minutes of my time I could be shown everything I needed to solve an issue I've had for years....but that's exactly what happened. Unbelievably easy to understand, full of tidbits and details, WOW. Thank you Stretch Mark Eraser for a brand new me, this is so great!"

G. Anthony
Pinal, AZ

From The Bottom Of My Heart - THANK
YOU For Changing My Life

Hi Barbara -

I just wanted to take a moment and say "From the bottom of my heart - thank you for chaning my life. I especially enjoyed the secret that you shared in Chapter 4 (secret deliberately removed). EVERYONE with stretch marks should ABSOLUTELY own this information - because IT WORKS!

Again, big hugs and a big THANK YOU!

Your biggeset fan,

A. Hamlett
San Diego, CA

I Noticed DRAMATIC Results In Just 9 DAYS!

Barbara -

I purchased The Stretch Mark Eraser from you about 2 weeks ago. Well, I have to admit that the first few days I did absolutely nothing. However, once I started using your information I saw results almost immediately. After 9 days of following your routine here's what I've noticed:

1. Stretch marks are dramatically reduced (or eliminated) in my thighs, breast and lower back area.

2. My skin is soft and youthful.

3. My confidence is through the roof.

My husband is in absolute awe and he's just as excited as I am about this! We can't thank you enough for how beautiful my skin looks - it hasn't looked this youthful in more than 18 years!

Oh, and thank you for your quick responses to all of my emails - your continued and ongoing support is valued by all of us.

C. Parkini
New York, NY

Here’s Just A Glimpse Of What You're
About To Have Immediate Access To:

A secret technique I call “Dermis Rejuvenation”. This can revive the dermis layer of your skin bringing it back to a state of elasticity, repair damaged cell tissue and dramatically reduce or eliminate those dreaded stretch marks and the associated unattractive scarring.
2 plant derived, 100% safe items that can be found at your local grocery store (not cocoa butter) that can have your stretch marks vanishing in just a few short days.
My highly effective 7 step stretch mark vanishing system.
One simple trick that attacks the dermis level of your skin – and literally repairs the cell tissue – as though a pure act of magic has taken place.
My completed bag of tricks to safely and quickly stimulate the blood capillaries - reducing inflamation and eliminating water retention.
A simple solution to increase your circulation and collagen.
A proven system to fix amino acids (glycine and proline) within the collagen structure.
4 prescription drugs that can cause stretch marks or make current scarring worse - these will absolutely shock you! (I just hope you're not taking any of them)
A super simple technique to increase the tone of the venous and lymphatic wall and improve the venous return - causing healthy, smooth skin!
A proven botanical compound that contains excellent properties for cell rejuvenating, reducing inflammation and sooths and softens the skin.
My proven “Stretch Mark Eraser Cheat Sheet” that will provide a step-by-step blueprint, telling you exactly what to apply – and when to do it.
More than 7 over the counter, 100% safe items that you can begin using NOW to experience swift and dramatic results (these gems alone are absolutely priceless).
4 simple things that you can begin doing today that will not only reduce or eliminate your current stretch marks, but will also prevent them from taking place going forward.
More than 10 items that are currently very heavily promoted that can actually harm your skin – you need to know what these items are, what’s in them and why they’re so dangerous.
Chemical peels and non-ablative laser treatments – do they work? The results are in and the clinical results will baffle you.
3 simple and undiscovered techniques (until now) that will have you scratching your head saying, “I can’t believe removing stretch marks is so simple!”
An exact roadmap of my “Daily Recommended Regiment” that will tell you in great detail not only what to do, but why you’re doing it as well.
Nothing but jam-packed pages full of practical, real life information that you can begin using immediately to eliminate those annoying and bothersome stretch marks.
A simple, yet highly effective technique that can literally begin restoring the cell tissue of the dermis immediately (this will absolutely blow you away).

Say ‘Hello’ To The New You!
(Just a few case studies to share some before
and after pictures of happy customers)

Case Study #1


Case Study #2


Case Study #3


Case Study #4


Why would I share all of this information and
put everything on the table?

Good question. First and foremost, I truly have a love and passion for helping others. Watching others literally transform their lives is what makes me tick. The elation and true bliss of watching others regain their self-esteem and confidence can’t possibly be described in words. There is no comparable feeling or emotion that watching someone, witnessing someone, feel like they’re on top of the world. That’s the same feeling I want you to experience.

Here’s just a brief recap of why you should take swift and
decisive action… you’ll never again have to experience:

1. Low self-esteem

2. Low confidence levels

3. Spending thousands of dollars on a procedure that may or may not work

4. The pain caused by surgery or other forms of treatments (including disfigurement)

5. Loss of work (and possibly wages) due to the recovery time involved

6. Further scaring or damage caused by surgery or other procedures

7. Experimenting with products and ointments that may or may not do anything worth while

This is just the ‘short list’. This could go on for quite some time.

Bottom line…in just a few short weeks or even days, you can be stretch mark free – forever!

“If You’re One Of The Next 75 People To Take Quick And Decisive Action, I’m Also Throwing In 4 Extremely Valuable ‘Fast Acting Bonuses’ As My Way Of Saying ‘Thank You’..."

Fast Acting Bonus #1:

My closely guarded, all encompassing, FULL LIST of the only items I have ever used, studied or researched that have provided any type of stretch mark relief. Up until now, I’ve kept this HIGHLY classified and have yet to share it even with my closest colleagues.
(Value = $139.00)

Fast Acting Bonus #2:

Unlimited, life time updates – FOR FREE! You read that correctly. Every time I make an update or provide a new edition, I'll send it to you on me!. You will automatically receive an email every time this takes place (typically, twice a year). This will contain the most up-to-date and recent information available as technology and science advances.
(Value = 249.00)

Fast Acting Bonus #3:

A whopping $500.00 online SHOPPING SPREE! Yes, I will treat you to an online shopping spree at a very special website that offers, clothing, swimwear, dvd’s, cd’s, books, etc. You name it, there’s a good chance it’s there. Simply send me an email and I’ll get it out in the mail to you pronto – this is simply my way of saying ‘Thank you’ for putting your trust with me. This is also a great item so you don’t have to spend your hard earned money buying a few new outfits!
(Value - $500.00)

Fast Acting Bonus #4:

The Ultimate Guide To Cellulite Elimination. This guide will outline top to bottom how to get rid of unsightly cellulite and give you back vibrant, healthy skin! This same information has been sold online for $79.97 by itself!
(Value - $79.97)

These incredible gifts alone have a monumental total value of…


Now that’s A HUGE NUMBER!

Enjoy these goodies. On me. And don’t forget to send me a bottle of chardonnay during the holidays.

My 90 Day, No Fine Print
100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident in my material and “The Stretch Mark Eraser” that if you don’t experience dramatic results, if you’re not COMPLETELY ESTATIC with “The Stretch Mark Eraser”, I want you to shoot me a quick email for a full and prompt, no questions asked, 100% refund.

All I’m looking for is a ‘maybe’. Take this information for a ‘test drive’. Take a full 90 days, flip through the information - and use it. If you’re not fully satisfied (for any reason) and I haven’t exceeded your every expectation, all that’s necessary on your part is to send me an email. No questions asked – 100% refund. No strings attached.

So, How Much Are You Charging Barbara For
This Life Changing Information?

That’s a good question. The information here is literally worth thousands of dollars. I would have no qualms charging that kind of money for this. Especially when one considers the alternatives – potentially thousands of dollars in surgery expenses, painful recovery process, the possibility of new unsightly scar tissue, etc. And, rolling with one of those options provides no guarantee of anything!

However, as I stated earlier, I truly have a love and passion for helping others. I also intentionally wanted to price this so everyone could afford it. This information is just too important.

If you’re one of the next 75 people to take quick and decisive action, I’m parting with this information for a very reasonable one-time price of just…



Less than $40.00? Yes. It’s important that everyone gets his or her hands around this information. It’s too valuable. It needs to be affordable for all. That’s exactly why I’ve priced it at this price point.

Is changing your life, the way you live your life, your self-esteem and your confidence levels worth $39.97? It really is a no brainer.

2 things that are important in your buying making decision:

1. This price has been raised recently – by waiting and not taking action, you could be costing yourself money (not to mention delaying getting those stretch marks removed).

2. I reserve the right to increase the price (once the next 75 have been accounted for) or remove the bonuses at any point in time.

What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen to you as a result of taking action today?

Well, the worst thing that could happen is you didn’t get exactly what you were looking for and you’d receive a full and prompt no questions asked refund.

On the other hand, what’s the absolute best thing that could happen by taking action today?

Well, the best thing that could happen is:

You finally rid yourself of those unsightly stretch marks
You live a life of confidence – and recapture that sparkle of bliss in your eyes
Your self-esteem shoots through the roof
You're no longer self conscious about your body or during intimate situations
You're no longer embarrassed or afraid to wear your most favorite outfits

There’s not much of a decision here. That’s just the ‘short list’. I’m sure you have a lot of things going through your mind right now about how this information can literally transform your life, your happiness and finally put that sparkle back into your personality.

You have absolutely nothing to lose – except those stretch marks. I’ve completely removed 100% of the risk for you.

Again, you’ll need to be quick and decisive.

4 compelling reasons to act fast:

1. All 4 Bonuses valued at nearly $1,000.00

2. Immediate access to this priceless information

3. 100%, no strings attached, no fine print 90 day satisfaction guarantee

4. Once these 75 “Stretch Mark Eraser’s” have been sold, the price will be going up

Here's How To Take Action Now And Securely Order "The Stretch Mark Eraser!" (at any time - even if it's 3:00 AM
in the morning)

Option #1:

Just $39.97

All 4 Bonuses (Valued at nearly $1,000.00)
90 Day Unconditional Guarantee
Everything Mentioned Above In “The Stretch Mark Eraser”
Free Lifetime Updates And Future Editions
Immediate Access So You Can Start Today!
$500.00 Online Shopping Spree (You’ll LOVE this!)

To get your copy, order Option #1 right now with our
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Option #2:

The Secrets To Looking 10 Years Younger! 5 things you should be doing right now to feel younger, look younger and have a renewed outlook on life.
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Free Shipping Of "The Stretch Mark Eraser"! Yes, I will ship this information directly to your door - on my dime. This way, you'll have it 2 quick and convenient ways - the first is immediate delivery in your email inbox so you can begin using this life changing information right away and then you'll receive it via mail in less than 5 business days!
(Value = $9.95)

A 30-Minute, All Revealing One On One Consultation With Myself! I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’ve decided to throw this in because if you have specific questions I want the opportunity to exceed your expectations and provide you a private, highly exclusive telephonic meeting. I’ve been paid as much as $1500.00 for my expertise – I’m including it here. Ask away!
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The Top 11 Secrets To Burning Fat!
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And everything discussed above in Option #1

90 Day Unconditional Guarantee
All 4 Bonuses (Valued at nearly $1,000.00)
Everything Mentioned Above In “The Stretch Mark Eraser”
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Total Value Of Option #2 = A Shocking $1526.77

All For A Very Reasonable One Time Price Of Just $59.97!

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I truly wish you nothing but success, happiness and good health. I want nothing more than the opportunity to change your life.

I can’t wait to hear about your results!

All The Best,

Barbara Harrington,
Leading Skin Care Expert
Founder – “The Stretch Mark Eraser”

P.S. What is it worth to finally eliminate those unsightly stretch marks? How much have they already cost you in the form of loss of happiness and confidence? Today is the day to turn that around – once and for all. I would highly encourage you, for your benefit, to take swift action. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

P.P.S. Remember, this incredible offer is backed by a full 90-day, no fine print, unconditional guarantee. If you’re not completely elated with this information, I want you to send an email for a quick, no questions asked full refund.

P.P.S.S. If you’ve made it this far and haven’t ordered yet, there’s probably a concern or two going through your mind. I don’t blame you. I’ve made some pretty bold statements here. Please take these points into consideration today. I want you to make the best and most educated choice – FOR YOU:

All orders are 100% secure. Paypal (the Internet's largest and most respected payment processor) uses the same level of encryption that online banks, large online retailers and financial firms use.
You cannot find this information online. My information is fully protected and copyrighted – you will not find it elsewhere.
This offer is backed by an unconditional, no questions asked 100% refund policy. Isn’t that they way any reputable merchant should run their business? I’m confident in my product, this information and the countless lives it’s already positively affected.
You will have immediate access to this information (with either option that you choose today).
To receive your $500.00 online shopping spree, simply send me an email including your physical mailing address. You will have it via USPS within 7 business days.
Will the price go up? The honest answer is “Yes”. It already has. And when these 75 orders have been accounted for, it will be going up again. When exactly will that happen, I couldn’t tell you.
Considering the alternatives to attack stretch marks, the viable options are slim to none. I would highly recommend taking action today.
What would removing those stretch marks do for your confidence and self esteem? I don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but I’ve seen countless lives changed over the years – from ‘slumpy’ walkers or a fake sense of happiness to a complete transformation. Just as a direct result of improving their skin and saying ‘Goodbye’ to those dreaded stretch marks!

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